South County Kids


Nursery age 0-1 and Early Preschool age 2-3

Using the Sunlight Kids curriculum, one main idea is repeated for the kids per month.

January - Jesus and the Sick Boy

February - Jesus Loves the Children

March - Little Boy Who Shared His Lunch

April - Heaven is a Happy Home

May - God Made Everything

June - Noah

July - Moses

August - Samuel

September - Elijah

October - Daniel

November - Jonah

December - Baby Jesus


4 and 5 Year Olds


The children are taught about God's story from the Bible. The church is a key part of God's story! During this unit the children will discover we can help others and tell them about Jesus, just like the first church did. . .

Summer Lessons

  • Unit 1 - Courage of the Fun Factory (Noah, Daniel, Joshua, Esther)
  • Unit 2 - Friends of the Bible (Ruth and Naomi, Andrew and Jesus, David and Jonathan, Jesus and His Disciples)
  • Unit 3 - The Wonder Room (The Disciples Listen, Jonah, One Leper Says, "Thank You", The Good Samaritan Helps, Making Right Choices)

KIDs CHurch

(age 6 to 6th Grade) 


Week 1:  2 Kings 5 - Naaman and Elisha's Servant, Gehazi

     Say this:  When you are not truthful, you lose trust.

Week 2:  1 Samuel 21-22 - David and Ahimelek

     Say this:  When you're not truthful, you hurt others

Week 3: Esther 3-7 - Harman's Plot Against the Jews

     Say this:  When you lie to help yourself, you hurt yourself instead.

Week 4:  1 John 1:9 - Confession/Being Honest with God

     Say this:  Being truthful with God helps keep you close to Him.

Remember this:  "Anyone who lives without blame walks safely. But anyone who takes a crooked path will get caught." Proverbs 10:9 NIrV

Life App:  Honest - Choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do.

Upcoming events and informaiton

  • Kids Camp

    Kids Camp is July 9th-13th.  For all those age 8-12 by the first day of camp. It is going to be an awesome week at Pine Creek Camp.  $50 non-refundable deposit is due with registration forms by April 22nd. Total cost is $214 per person.  Contact Nicki at if you have any questions. Check out the kids camp video here. Download application here. 

  • Permission Slip

    A permission slip is required to attend all children's events and/or to ride on the church vans. One permission slip is good for the whole year. You can download the 2018 permission slip here.