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  • the book of Job

    The world teaches us to revolve our actions, thoughts, and beliefs around ourselves. “It’s all about you!” we are encouraged to think. In the world’s philosophy, we become the author and hero of our story. But the Bible teaches a different view, one where another hero—the actual Author of life—takes center stage. In the book of Job, God asserts his preeminence and displays his power. Join Francis Chan in this eight-session series on Job as he explores the overriding truth that we exist not for ourselves but to glorify the God who deserves all worship and praise.

    • 5:00pm on Sundays in Lorton
    • Led by: Caspers and Jacobs
    • Questions:
    • February 18 - Job 1:1-22
    • February 25 - Job 2:1-13
    • March 3 - Job 3:1-26
    • March 10 - Job 4-31
    • March 17 - Job 32-37
    • March 24 - Job 38-40
    • April 7 - Job 40:1-42:6
    • April 21 - Job 42:7-17

  • Is Genesis History?  (Group is full)

    This study explores what the Bible teaches concerning Creation, Adam and Eve, and the Flood.  It is intended to complement the film Is Genesis History?

    • 7:00pm on Mondays in Springfield
    • Starting Monday, February 19th
    • Led by: Chris Call and Robert St. Thomas
    • Questions:
    • Watch Video
  • Men's Bible Study in Person

    • 6:00am Every Other Tuesday
    • Church Office (7880 Backlick Rd Suite 8, Springfield) 
    • Led by: Tommy Cook
    • Questions:
  • Unashamed

    Living Out Loud for Christ

    Being confident in our faith isn’t always easy. Culture wants us to conform rather than stand out and church culture often glorifies perfection and power, making us want to hide our flaws and weaknesses. So how do we proclaim the gospel when it is much easier to stay silent? Can we live boldly for Jesus when we know we are weak and flawed? Join Grammy and Dove Award-winning hip-hop artist Lecrae in this six-session series as he equips, empowers, and encourages us to live unashamed of our faith and of who God created us to be. 

    • Tuesdays at 7pm
    • Church Office (7880 Backlick Rd Suite 8, Springfield) 
    • Led by: Xavier Booker
    • Questions:
    • February 20 - Unashamed of Weakness (Handout)
    • February 27 - Unashamed to Follow (Handout)
    • March 5 - Unashamed to Serve (Handout)
    • March 12 - Unashamed to Profess (Handout)
    • March 19 - Unashamed to Lead (Handout)
    • March 26 - Unashamed to Hope (Handout)

  • Men's Bible Study on Zoom

    Each week we dive in to study a chapter/verse at time. 

    They are currently going through the book of Luke.

    • Wednesdays at 6am on Zoom, Group runs continuously
    • Text us at 703/679-7784 for Zoom meeting link
    • For more information contact Pastor Andy at
  • the engagement project

    The Engagement Project's ten tours will again take us on a marvelous quest of seeking the face of God and, as best as He will allow, to gaze upon the Crown Jewel in His nature—a quest we hope and pray will deeply transform the Body of Christ.

    This will lead us to understand where we are in God’s Meta-Narrative and the incredible vision that He has entrusted the primary work of the Kingdom to the common, everyday Christian.

    • Wednesdays, 7pm-8:30pm on Zoom
    • Led by: Robert St. Thomas
    • Questions:

  • The Book of Ruth - Ladies on Zoom (GROUP IS FULL)

    God can seem distant when dreams fade, people die, or careers fail. It may feel like He slammed the door in your face and walked out for good. No one knows the feeling of abandonment more than Ruth and Naomi. Their story begins with the worst—death, famine, and poverty. And God remains silent.

    But the book of Ruth doesn’t end with despair. The story brims with hope because God works on behalf of the two widows in ways they least expect. In this 7-part series, Bianca Juárez Olthoff, speaker and author of Play with Fire, teaches through Ruth to show how God moves behind the scenes in our lives. On the surface, this book tells the story of two widows and a kind landowner. Even more, it teaches us about God’s faithfulness, love, and providence.

    Walk the journey of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz and discover the devoted love of God and His transformative power in our lives. 

    • 8:00pm Every Other Wednesday
    • 2024 Dates:  January 24, February 7 & 21, March 6 & 20, April 3 & 17, May 1
    • Text Lauren at (757) 608-8575‬ for Zoom meeting link
    • Led by: Lauren Ours
    • Questions:
  • The Cost of Control (Ladies)

    We often claim to have everything under control—whether it's our hectic family schedules, deadlines at work, or unexpected problems that throw us off track—but are we, really? Control can trick us into thinking we can gain comfort, security, and peace through our own efforts. But even though we might think we have a handle on our lives, God is the only one fully in control. In this 6-session series, Bible teacher and author Sharon Hodde Miller discusses the way control can cost us a lot more than we could ever imagine—and how we can walk in faith knowing God is in complete control.  

    • 10am on Fridays in Springfield
    • Led by: Carola Ron
    • Questions: email
    • Link to RightNow Media Lessons
    • If you would like to read the book that goes along with the lesson here is the Amazon link


    • February 23 - Week 1: Anxiety, Control, and Our Faustian Bargain (Handout)
    • March 1 - Week 2: Why is Control So Enticing? (Handout)
    • March 8 - Week 3: The Cost of Controlling Our Circumstances (Handout)
    • March 15 - ROAR Retreat No Care Group
    • March 22 - Week 4: The Cost of Trying to Control People (Handout)
    • March 29 - Week 5: The Cost of Controlling Our Image (Handout)
    • April 5 - Week 6: The Power God Promises (Handout)
    • April 26 - Week 7:  Lunch Out

  • financial Peace university

    Have a pile of cash in the bank for emergencies. Say goodbye to car payments. Get out of debt for good. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then discover the money plan for real life that actually works. For more information contact Bob St. Thomas at


    1. Baby Step 1 & Budgeting
    2. Baby Step 2  
    3. Baby Step 3  
    4. Baby Steps 4, 5, 6, & 7
    5. Buyer Beware
    6. The Role of Insurance
    7. Retirement Planning
    8. Real Estate & Mortgages  
    9. Outrageous Generosity
    • Led by Bob St. Thomas

Care Group questions

  • To grow in Christ, connect with others and serve together in ministry and Care Projects.

    CARE Groups stand for: Connection, Accountability, Recreation and Engagement

    • Our groups fosters growth in Faith, Family, Finances and Fitness
    • Ministry based care groups - Worship, Youth, Seniors
    • Affinity based care groups - Walking, Running, Motorcycles
  • A group of 10-15 people who get together weekly for 6-12 weeks. In these groups you will experience Authentic Community and Spiritual Growth.

    • Authentic Community: Accountability, Belonging and Care
    • Spiritual Growth: Greater Intimacy with God, Community with Believers and Influence with Unbelievers
    • Fall groups will be studying a church wide curriculum
      • Past Studies: Circle Maker, Purpose Driven Life, Operation Timothy, Ephesians
    • Spring and Summer groups will be studying various topics
      • Examples: Financial Peace University, Legacy, Marriage, Parenting, Books of the Bible
  • At South County we focus on growth in four primary areas: Faith, Family, Finances & Fitness. No matter what stage of life you are in, there is a Care Group here for you.

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