Winter Group

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  • Find YOUR People (Ladies)

    Never in the history of civilization have we been more connected and felt more alone. We are all so lonely. What if the ways we have set up our lives are fundamentally broken? 

    In the Find Your People video Bible study, bestselling author Jennie Allen looks at the original community in  Genesis, the Trinity, and the creation of people to see what God had planned for us all along. Jennie offers practical solutions for creating true community in a world that's both more connected and more isolating than ever before.

    Drawing on fascinating insights from science and history, timeless biblical truth, and vulnerable stories from her own life, Jennie helps us discover exactly how to dive into the deep end and experience the full wonder of community. Along the way, we’ll discover the five life patterns required to build deep, connected relationships.

    You were created to play, engage, adventure, and explore—with others. Because while the ache of loneliness is real, it doesn’t have to be your reality.

    You can order your study guide on Amazon here.

    • Fridays at 10am on Zoom
    • Starting in April
    • 7 Weeks
    • Lead by Carola Ron

  • financial Peace university

    Have a pile of cash in the bank for emergencies. Say goodbye to car payments. Get out of debt for good. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then discover the money plan for real life that actually works. For more information contact Bob St. Thomas at


    1. Baby Step 1 & Budgeting
    2. Baby Step 2  
    3. Baby Step 3  
    4. Baby Steps 4, 5, 6, & 7
    5. Buyer Beware
    6. The Role of Insurance
    7. Retirement Planning
    8. Real Estate & Mortgages  
    9. Outrageous Generosity
    • Sundays at 1pm
    • In Springfield at the Church Office (7880 Backlick Road, Suite 8, Springfield)
    • Led by Bob St. Thomas

  • building a better marriage (engaged & married couples)

    If we look at the culture around us—from social media to the latest romantic comedy—we see a number of competing ideas about marriage. Social media tells us love is perfect and picturesque, while romantic comedies tell us we’ll live happily ever after. It’s supposed to be easy, right?

    Everyone wants their marriage to be fruitful and full of joy, but it’s a lot harder to get there than most people think. What does it take to build a Godly marriage? Join pastors Earl and Oneka McClellan as they share principles from Scripture and lessons from over twenty years of marriage. In this six-session series, they invite you to explore God’s blueprint for building a healthy marriage through trust, honesty, service, love, and God’s Word.

    February 12 - Super Bowl Party

    February 26 - Lesson 1

    March 12 - Lesson 2

    March 26 - Lesson 3

    April 16 - Lesson 4

    April 30 - Lesson 5

    May 7 - Lesson 6

    • Sunday at 5pm, Starting February 12 with at Super Bowl Party
    • 6 Weeks (Every other Sunday)
    • In Lorton
    • Lead by Pastor Andy & Cindy
  • 1st & 2nd Peter (Group is Full)

    • Mondays at 7:00pm, Starting on February 13
    • 12 Week Session
    • In Springfield
    • Led by Chris Call
  • Joseph (Care Group is Full)

    In this compelling six-part series, Andrew Ollerton peels back the layers of Joseph’s astonishing life as told in Genesis, encouraging us to live the dream even when life’s a nightmare. Learn from Joseph how to triumph over temptation and how to flourish when you feel stuck. Be inspired by the power of forgiving the unforgivable, stewarding influence for the greater good, finishing strong, and leaving a legacy that lasts. 

    February 5 - Lesson 1: Introducing Joseph: How to live the dream when life's a nightmare.

    February 19 - Lesson 2 - Joseph & Potiphar: How to triumph over temptation

    March 5 -Lesson 3: Joseph & Prison: How to Flourish when Life Feels Stuck

    March 19 - Lesson 4: Joseph & Promotion: How to handle influence and make a difference

    April 2 - Lesson 5: Joseph & the Brothers: How to forgive the unforgivable.

    April 23 - Lesson 6: Joseph & Finishing Well: How to leave a legacy that lasts.

    • Sunday at 5pm, Starting February 5
    • 6 Weeks (Every other Sunday)
    • In Lorton
    • Lead by Caspers and Jacobs


    Each week we dive in to study a chapter/verse at time. 

    They are currently going through the book of Esther.

    • Thursdays at 6am on Zoom, Group runs continuously
    • Text us at 703/679-7784 for Zoom meeting link and password or sign up here.
    • For more information contact Christi Huggins at  
  • Men's Bible Study

    Each week we dive in to study a chapter/verse at time. 

    They are currently going through the book of Luke.

    • Wednesdays at 6am on Zoom, Group runs continuously
    • Text us at 703/679-7784 for Zoom meeting link and password
    • For more information contact Pastor Andy at

Care Group questions

  • To grow in Christ, connect with others and serve together in ministry and Care Projects.

    CARE Groups stand for: Connection, Accountability, Recreation and Engagement

    • Our groups fosters growth in Faith, Family, Finances and Fitness
    • Ministry based care groups - Worship, Youth, Seniors
    • Affinity based care groups - Walking, Running, Motorcycles
  • A group of 10-15 people who get together weekly for 6-12 weeks. In these groups you will experience Authentic Community and Spiritual Growth.

    • Authentic Community: Accountability, Belonging and Care
    • Spiritual Growth: Greater Intimacy with God, Community with Believers and Influence with Unbelievers
    • Fall groups will be studying a church wide curriculum
      • Past Studies: Circle Maker, Purpose Driven Life, Operation Timothy, Ephesians
    • Spring and Summer groups will be studying various topics
      • Examples: Financial Peace University, Legacy, Marriage, Parenting, Books of the Bible
  • At South County we focus on growth in four primary areas: Faith, Family, Finances & Fitness. No matter what stage of life you are in, there is a Care Group here for you.

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