The beginning. . . 

In the fall of 2005, Andy was driving off I-95 onto the Lorton exit like he has hundreds of times. This time was different because God quickly impressed that he was to plant a church in Lorton. Immediately, he began arguing with God as to why he was the wrong choice for a calling like this, but Andy couldn’t shake the Holy Spirit’s prompting. 

The Launch. . . 

In preparation for the launch of the church, picnics and surveys were done on numerous occasions to find out what the needs of the community were. There were great interactions with the community and a building excitement for the start of this new church. God specifically had given South County Church a target area to reach - 165,000 people in a 5-mile radius. The mission was specific. It was to CARE. To care about connecting people to Christ, to care about growing in small groups, and to care about serving in ministry and care projects locally and globally. 

Monthly services were held January and February 2008 and we had our first weekly service on Easter – March 23, 2008. We launched with 147 people, but averaged 65 people for our first year. We have seen numerous commitments to Christ, over 125 baptisms. Over 300 people consider South County their home church. Many people have come to know of South County because of our many care projects in the community. From Easter Egg Hunts, to leaf raking, to serving snow cones at the July 4th Parade, God has given us favor as we have blessed our community and shown that God cares. A key component to our mission has been our small groups called Care Groups. Our goal is to have 75% of our church attending care groups. This is our main discipleship focus. We want our Care Groups to be a bridge into the church. Of course, the Covid pandemic has disrupted many stats toward our growth, but we know that God wasn’t surprised and will continue to help us move forward. 

Fun Facts

  • Since 2011, we have supported two pastors in Las Cruces, El Salvador with their feeding programs. This financial support is over $120,000.
  • In 2012, we sent our first missionaries out of South County – Eric & Elizabeth Germain.
  • In 2012, our first church plant was launched with the Journey Church in Culpeper, VA. Pastor Kevin and Tabitha Dawson served South County for over a year as they prepared to launch this new church.
  • Currently, we support 38 missionaries in the United States and around the world. We give $4314 in missions support per month. This is over $250,000 in our almost 15 year history.
  • During COVID, we have had the privilege of God using us to drop over 8000lbs of food into our local food bank – Lorton Community Action Center.

Living Strong & Courageous

The best is yet to come! We believe that God has a permanent place for us in the community, along with a coffeehouse, and a housing ministry to give families a hand up.