South County Kids


Nursery age 0-1 and Early Preschool age 2-3

Using the Sunlight Kids curriculum, one main idea is repeated for the kids per month.

January - Jesus and the Sick Boy

February - Jesus Loves the Children

March - Little Boy Who Shared His Lunch

April - Heaven is a Happy Home

May - God Made Everything

June - Noah

July - Moses

August - Samuel

September - Elijah

October - Daniel

November - Jonah

December - Baby Jesus


4 and 5 Year Olds


The children are taught about God's story from the Bible. The church is a key part of God's story! During this unit the children will discover we can help others and tell them about Jesus, just like the first church did. . .

Summer Lessons

  • Unit 1 - Courage of the Fun Factory (Noah, Daniel, Joshua, Esther)
  • Unit 2 - Friends of the Bible (Ruth and Naomi, Andrew and Jesus, David and Jonathan, Jesus and His Disciples)
  • Unit 3 - The Wonder Room (The Disciples Listen, Jonah, One Leper Says, "Thank You", The Good Samaritan Helps, Making Right Choices)

KIDs CHurch

(age 6 to 6th Grade) 


The Big Quiz: Show What You  Know

Week 1; Luke 2:41-52 - The Boy Jesus at the Temple

   Say This: Knowing God is the most important thing.

Week 2: John 1:19-42, John 3:22-36 - Jesus' Baptism

   Say This: If you want to know God, start with Jesus.

Week 3: Luke 4:1-13 - Jesus is Tempted in the Desert

   Say This: Discovering what's in the Bible can help you make the wise choice.

Week 4: Matthew 11:1-6 - Jesus and John the Baptist

   Say This: If you don't understand something about God, ask.

Remember this: "The Lord give wisdom. Knowledge and understanding come from His mouth." Proverbs 2:6 NIrV

Knowledge: Learning something new so you can be better at whatever you do.


Playlist: Put Love in the Mix

Week 1; John 15:12-13 - No Greater Love

   Say This:  Love others because Jesus loves you.

Week 2: Luke 10:38-42 - Jesus at the Home of Martha and Mary

   Say This:  Love others with your time.

Week 3: Matthew 5:43-47 - Love Your Enemies

    Say This:  Love others because they matter to God.

Week 4: Mark 14:1-9 - A Women Pours Perfume on Jesus at Bethany

   Say This: Love God with everything you've got.

Remember this: "Here is what love is. It is not that we loved God. It is that He loved us and sent His Son to give His life to pay for our sins." 1 John 4:10 NIrV

Live: Choosing to treat others the way you want be treated.

Upcoming events and information

  • Children's ministry training

    We will be meeting at the Church Office for a Children's Ministry training.  

    More information to follow as the date gets closer!

    Please RSVP so that we can plan for food and let me know if you will need childcare.

  • Permission Slip

    A permission slip is required to attend all children's events and/or to ride on the church vans. One permission slip is good for the whole year. You can download the 2020 permission slip here.